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User Experience

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Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge User Experience

View of the bridge from 1st Ave NE.

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Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge User Experience
Campus Connection Wildlife Overlook Neighborhood Gateway NE 100th St Overlook Station Spur

Campus Connection

Looking east across bridge from North Seattle College. A direct connection at grade allows for excellent sightlines across the bridge.

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Wildlife Overlook

Wildlife lookout on west side of I-5.  The overlook offers bridge users a resting spot and a view of the pond and wetland.

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Neighborhood Gateway

The sweeping lines of the bridge where it crosses over southbound I-5 create a memorable point of passage between communities.

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NE 100th St Overlook

From the sloping eastern approach, the NE 100th St overlook provides views of arriving and departing trains at the light rail station.

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Station Spur

The station ‘spur’ crosses over 1st Ave NE and connects the bridge with the Sound Transit Link light rail station. A large mixing area adds space for people walking and biking into and out of the station mezzanine.

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Watch our Video

Press play below to get a sense of what it will feel like to use the bridge.

The Revised Design

After pausing in 2016 to conduct an independent cost validation, we found that the existing design exceeded the project budget. In response, we decided to form a new design team to get a fresh perspective and reduce project costs. The following design elements are included in the revision:

  • New points of rest at overlooks, with added bridge width so you can pause and enjoy the view
  • Improved sight lines
  • Reduced conflicts at east landing
  • Open structure with graceful design
  • Simpler construction approach
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