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We’re examining the environmental impacts of constructing and operating the Northgate Bridge. Upon completion, we’ll submit National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents to the Washington State Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration for approval. Once they’re approved, we’ll issue a Determination of Non-Significance to satisfy the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). We will then issue a SEPA checklist or adopt the NEPA document in lieu of a checklist, which we’ll make available for public review and comment.

Existing Conditions

Environmental Process

This graphic shows the steps to complete the environmental review process. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each phase

Define existing conditionsIdentify Environmental ImpactsDocument FindingsObtain Permits and Approvals
  • Collect current information to set an environmental baseline
  • Review environmental studies completed for projects in the area
  • Solicit concerns from the public
  • Review early designs to minimize impacts
  • Prepare technical reports for areas that will be impacted (i.e., wetlands, water quality, fish and wildlife, cultural resources, transportation, economic, and community)
  • Develop documentation for State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Issue SEPA document and solicit public comment
  • Prepare SEPA checklist and solicit public comments

Permits and approvals that may be required:

  • Section 404/401 Nationwide Permit
  • Section 7 Endangered Species Act
  • Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act
  • Coastal Zone Management Consistency
  • Construction Stormwater General Permit
  • Hydraulic Project Approval
  • Seattle Critical Areas Review
  • Section 4(f)
As we conduct our environmental review, we are looking at the following resources:

  • View of neighborhood and Bartonwood from bridge and east approach
  • View of bridge from 1st Ave, I-5 and North Seattle College
Recreation/​Natural Areas

  • Triangle/grass area (passive recreation) on the North Seattle College campus and to the west side of the bridge
  • Campus trail system/Green Nature Trail to the west side of the bridge near the Barton Woods area
  • Bartonwood/greenbelt

  • Potential to find historic artifacts
  • Potential to find/disturb Native American artifacts

  • Bicycle/pedestrian connections
  • Parking in the nearby area
Natural Resources

  • Wetland/watercourse
  • Wildlife (Pacific tree frog)
  • Native and planted vegetation
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