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The purpose of this online open house is to update you on the revised Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge design, get your feedback, and provide you with information on how to stay involved in the various transportation projects in the Northgate area.

Throughout this online open house, you will be asked questions and have the opportunity to provide your feedback. The site will be live through August 24.

How to use this online open house

To advance through the open house, read a page and provide your feedback where prompted, then either click the “Go to Next Page” button at the bottom of the page or select the tab you want at the top.

The “Notes” boxes at the bottom of most pages are for making comments as you go along; on the last page of the open house you will be able to submit them, if you choose.

Sign up to receive email updates using the form in the footer of the page.

Thank you for your involvement!

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